WHAT IS BASEPLATE WAX (or Modelling Wax)?

A dental wax containing mostly wax, resin and different types of additives ; used chiefly to establish the initial arch form in making trial plates for the arrangement of artificial denture teeth, and for the construction of complete dentures.

Properties: Baseplate wax is composed mainly of paraffin and microcrystalline wax as well as resin and coloring matter that mixed together then casted into rectangles sheets. The sheets are red or pink, typically cut into 3 inches wide and 6 inches long (7.62 cm X 15.24 cm) for the North American Market and 8.41 cm wide X 17.15 cm long  (3 5/16 X 6 ¾ inches)for the European  market . Baseplate wax is relatively hard and slightly brittle at room temperature but becomes soft and pliable when heated. Baseplate waxes vary in their consistency and strength, as well as colour and price.

At the present time there are three classifications for base plate waxes:


Class 1 Soft 

Class 2 Hard

Class 3 Extra Hard

The harder varieties are suitable for use in warm climates but tend to crack and flake at low temperatures. The softer series are suitable for use at low temperatures but may flow excessively at very high temperatures.Base plate Waxes are the relevant products for use in the dental laboratory.

Each manufacturer decides which categories their waxes conform to. This process ensures that they can supply waxes that meet the relevant industry standard, while maintaining different ranges in performance. Baseplate Wax Class 1 and 2 are the only relevant products for use in the dental laboratory.

The desirable properties of baseplate wax could be defined as follows:

1- High strength and rigidity at mouth temperature.

2- Broad softening range above mouth temperature.

3- Easily pliable in its softened state, without flaking, cracking or tearing.

4- Low thermal contraction.

5- Easily carved at room temperature without flaking or chipping.

6- Little change in properties on melting and re-solidification.

7- No residue on boiling out.


Baseplate wax is a durable (usually pink) substance used mainly to fabricate occlusion rims for dental construction into which denture teeth are arranged (IE. holding artificial teeth to baseplates) before laboratory processing and during fabrication of the denture.

Baseplate wax must be capable of holding porcelain or acrylic teeth in position both at normal room temperature and at mouth temperature.

Among its many functions, we find inlay patterning, boxing of impression, casting, establishing the arch form, establishing the level of occlusal plane, recording the maxillary mandibular relation, corrective impression, and bite registration.  All this for the initial modeling of, and later the fitting of trial dentures (try-ins) before the finished product is perfected.

The many varieties available at Carmel Industries

Using only the highest quality fully-refined Paraffin and Microcrystalline waxes, Carmel currently offers the models below for the North American market. The plate size of the wax for the North American market is 3 X 6 inches.

  • #100 Regular, # 101 Thin, # 102 thick: Regular, thick and thin describe the thickness of the sheet and they are all available in Pink and Red.

  • Truform Pink: Available in pink and red.

  • Extra tough. Sheets of wax used for arranging teeth, waxing-up, and taking bite and quadrant checks, easily softened and cooled, resulting in minimal shrinkage during set-ups

  • Pink #2: Highly flexible and pliable wax that holds teeth firmly. Will withstand considerable bending without cracking or breaking. Hold shape and provide clean boil out.

  • Pink #3: For dentures, or any place a wax sheet is needed, Boils out without oily residues

  • Pink Bulldog “Premium Light Tenacious”: Tenacious and flexible wax. Not as flexible as Pink #2.Available in Pink.

  • Precision Pink

  • Pretty Pink Soft, Pretty Pink Medium, Pretty Pink Hard and Pretty Pink X-Hard. For warmer climates or when extra hardness is required. Especially designed for accurate bite registration. It is extremely accurate and stable when used in hot water and chilled after using inter-orally. Modeling done in hot water (60 degrees Celsius -140 degree Fahrenheit), cool down fast in the mouth. Available in pink.

  • All season and all-purpose wax: Available in pink and red. The wax is pliable at slight increased temperature. Sufficient it’s hard and resistant on cooling to prevent occlusion changes during work.

  • Q WAX:

  • Set Up Wax: The modeling wax of choice. The unique well balanced composition makes Carmel Set up Wax easy to work with.

  • All season-Base plate Wax is a tough, pliable all-season wax that holds teeth firmly and boils out clean.Will not stain.

  • Ultra precision

  • Bite Wax: Soft and pliable Yellow Wax. Softens quickly and flows easily.

  • Expert Wax:

  • Beeswax sheets: Contains pure natural Beeswax. Wax softens easily under warm water.

In Europe Baseplate wax is referred to as “Modelling Wax sheets”. Furthermore the size of the sheets is larger than used in North America. Below is our offering for the European market:

  • Euro #2: Easy to carve. Suitable for a variety of situations.

  • Tough #4:  Used by technicians to create the preliminary denture base for the dentist to test in the patient’s mouth. Has good handling properties and makes tooth setting easier and faster. Its low warpage and shrinkage properties give it stability.

  • Ultra Precision:

  • Summit (Standard): High quality baseplate, made of microwax and paraffin. High plasticity, will not shrink while cooling, will not deform in the mouth. Has a high melting point of 64 degrees Celsius. A wax that is specifically formulated for arranging and articulating artificial teeth by providing a firm attachment of the artificial teeth to the baseplate. The wax is quite hard at room temperature, but when it is softened, it becomes very tough slightly sticky, and it allows considerable elongation. This permits tooth placement without the wax fracturing. It also carves easily and boils out cleanly. While tooth arrangement is the primary indication, Set-Up Wax can also have other uses in the lab.

  • Summit Hard. For warmer climates or when hardness is required.

  • Tropic Wax.

  • Setup Wax Soft, Setup Wax Regular and Setup Wax Hard. Used in the construction of the wax rim in which the artificial teeth and molars are placed in the process of preparing a prosthesis. Wax is tenacious, does not break easily and has exceptionally good handling properties. Can be modeled to a desired shape while warmed and upon cooling, it will retain its shape with great dimensional stability and excellent adhesiveness to the other materials involved.