Learn More About Our Bleed-Thru Paint Crayons

Learn More About Our Bleed-Thru Paint Crayons

Carmel Industries

“Marks covered by oil or water based paint will seep through to the surface”
The Carmel Bleed-Thru Paint Crayon provides all the benefits of a Paint Marker, but in solid form.  It is a solid stick of paint designed especially for fabricating structural steel or layout work, where marks are required to bleed through solvent- or oil-based primers and topcoats.

For projects that require the durability of paint but the practicality of a crayon, the Seep-Through Paint Crayon is the ideal solution.  It’s built tough, and does not fracture or require sharpening. Markings made with the Seep-Through Paint Marker will bleed through a solvent oil-based or water-based paint, to make your markings fully visible on the surface. Our speciallly formulated, highly-pigmented blue tone is exemplary for creating clearly discernible markings on metal surfaces, for immediate fabrication or for future reference.

Industry Uses
Our Bleed-Thru Paint Crayon is very popular with steel fabrication and construction companies.  It is ideal for most types of building and infrastructure design, bridge construction, manufacturing, automotive, ship building and repair. Also when accurate marks are needed for cutting, forming, inspection, coding, layout or assembly operations.

Features & Benefits
This crayon has no barrel with ink that can dry out, and does not need to be pumped or activated. The wide tip produces large bold marks for easy viewing, even at a distance, and offers:

  • Marks bleed through solvent- or oil-based primers or paints
  • Durable weather- and UV-resistant marks
  • Permanent marks which won’t peel, rub off, chip or fade away
  • Writing on almost any surface: laminated, porous, smooth, rough, wet, dry, oily, or rusty
  • Marks that bleed though when painted over or primed

Recommended Application
The Carmel Bleed-Thru Paint Crayon is easy to use, requires no training or special instructions, and is non-toxic.  It has no cap to replace and will not dry out at the tip.  The surface does not require any prep either, though marks made on bare metal work best.  It easily creates markings on a wide assortment of project materials including various metals, solid plastics, ceramics, all types of glass, porous, non-porous, and laminated surfaces.  To prevent bleeding through the finished coat of paint, seal the marked areas with water-based epoxy paint.

Crayon Size: 11/16” x 4 ¾” (1.75 x 12.07cm)
Temperature range for application:  –50º to 150ºF (-46º to 66ºC)
Surfaces: Structural steel, iron, solid plastics, ceramics, glass, porous, non-porous and laminated surfaces
Seep Type: Oil-based

Remember, the Carmel Bleed-Thru Paint Crayon is used to make marks that will seep through to the surface if covered by oil or water based paint.  It is ideal for structural steel parts or layout work where marks are required to show through a covering coat or primer.  It will seep through and remain visible. A variety of other products are available in our extensive product catalogue, for your different project needs.