Tire Talc

Tire talc is used as an industrial lubricant to prevent rubber components from adhering to each other. It is often used to ease the installation of tubes into tires, or when patching tubes to stop the excess glue from sticking to the inside of the tire.

12/box 5 lb: 4/case


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2 thoughts on “Tire Talc”

  • Myers Tire Supply is a stocking distributor of several of your products. As such, we need to host SDS in the current industry-standard formatting on our website. Please provide the current SDS for the following items which we carry in our inventory:

    Tire Talc (Myers # 46608)
    Silver Tire Marking Pen (Myers # 45144)

  • Our company purchases your tire talc for our dust test chamber per standard IEC 60529. I need to know prove that The talcum powder used shall be
    able to pass through a square-meshed sieve the nominal wire diameter of which is 50 m and
    the nominal width of a gap between wires 75 m. The amount of talcum powder to be used
    is 2 kg per cubic metre of the test chamber volume. It shall not have been used for more
    than 20 tests.

    a spec sheet on the product would be great. thanks.

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