Metal Marking Pencil - Box of 12.
Metal Marking Pencil - Box of 12
Metal Marking Pencil - Box of 12
Metal Marking Pencil - Box of 12


Metal Marking Pencil - Box of 12

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Pack:Box of 12
Product Description 

Carmel Metal Marking Pencils are ideal for welders, as they draw fine yet highly visible marks that won't erase when heated or wet during the welding process. This pencil is easily sharpened to a fine tip for maximum control and precision. This metal marking pencil is available in red and silver.

Metal Marking Pencil

Specially designed for welders and a variety of applications. Achieve fine, enduring marks even under heat or moisture. Sharpen this versatile pencil to a fine point for maximum control. Available in both red and silver, it's the ultimate choice for clean edges, bold outlines, and superior visibility.

Ideal for welders

This pencil is perfect for cutting or welding as it draws torch-resistant markings that won't rub off like soapstone.


Available in a pack of 12 pencils.