Tailor Crayon


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    • A SEMI-HARD WAX TAILOR CRAYON for easy handling. 
    • SPECIALLY FORMULATED TO MARK ON TEXTILES - used for dart and edge marking, buttonhole or slot marking on heavier fabrics.
    • PAPER-WRAPPED - Wrapped in tear-back paper for easy application.
    • MARKINGS MAY BE IRONED AWAY - White tailor crayon markings may possibly be ironed away, although it is not specifically designed to be removable.
    • NOTE: Always test  on a scrap piece of the same fabric to be marked to verify removability.


    Product Description

    A semi-hard wax tailor crayon in the shape of a pencil for easy handling. Wrapped in paper, this crayon is specially formulated for marking on textiles. Although not specifically designed to be removable, markings from the white version of this tailor crayon may be ironed away.-always test on a scrap piece of the fabric to be marked for removability



    12 crayons per box.

    Crayon size: 5 3/16 x 9/1/16” dia (12.7 x 1.43 cm dia)