Carmel is a leading manufacturer of livestock paint crayons and markers for insemination, veterinary treatment, and culling


Applications for Livestock Marking Products


From breeding to medical treatment  , when managing cattle or other farmed livestock for commercial purposes, the herd needs to be  tracked.  You need a marking solution that is quick and easy to apply, safe for the animals, and clearly visible.

Paint crayons and markers (or “tail chalk” as they are sometimes referred to) are used for temporary identification of animals in particular circumstances and for specific purposes.  These can include (among others) artificial insemination, medical attention, and herd culling.

Our products have proudly served professionals in the three most prominent sectors of the livestock industry for years: dairy, beef, and swine.  Some of the most common uses for Carmel’s livestock paint crayons and markers by these pros are as follows:

DAIRY: The most common need among  dairy farmers and ranchers in this industry involves heat detection in cows, for the purpose of artificial insemination.  This need is met by with paint crayons by making a mark on tails of the cows that are soon expected to come into “standing heat”. After careful observation reveals that this mark has been clearly smeared or rubbed off, the  technician determines that this cow is ready for insemination.  After this process, a different colour crayon should be applied to denote the genetic line of the sire (father) in question, mark the date of exposure, or indicate any other specific circumstance that requires special attention from the . Technician.

BEEF and SWINE: In these industries, paint crayons and markers are used to mark --for temporarily identification-- which animals are ready for breeding, have already bred, or are already pregnant.  The marks can also help indicate which trimester of pregnancy the animal is in.

In grazing areas, they serve as visual aids to identify those that have already received veterinary treatment.  This helps avoid duplicate treatment of the same animal, following up on the same, or passing over those still in need.  Bold bright colours become particularly important here, as the livestock are out in the open, and all gathered together.


When it’s time for feeding, and the livestock needs to be sorted (by need) into confined spaces, paint crayons and animal marker sticks also play an important role.  Here they can be employed to separate the animals deemed ready for harvest, from those which require more feeding time and growth.




These crayons and markers are set apart by quick and effective marking on fur and hide; whether wet or dry.  They work under all weather conditions and are fade resistant, even in bright sunlight.  They’re carefully crafted from real paint that imprints quickly (and painlessly) to the animal hide and leaves a longer-lasting mark than other livestock crayons.  Carmel always uses high-quality pigment mixtures to achieve great colour quality.





Features of our Twist-It Dispenser

Carmel’s Twist-up Livestock Crayon comes in a rotary-type, plastic dispenser, which maximizes use and reduces wasted paint.  Inside, a semi-solid fresh paint for easy marking.  This innovative dispenser offers 2 unique features:

  • A cap with extra room for part of the extracted crayon, so no need to retract it completely before replacing the cap.
  • The crown of the cap fits into the base of the crayon and helps rotate the dial. This also prevents residue inside the cap from soiling the crayon when replaced.

These features make the crayon easier to use and keep your hands clean.  Packaging and any unused materials can be discarded with ease, and no special handling required.


Shop for our all-season weather-resistant livestock marking products for highly visible, safe, durable results.



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