Wooden Holder for Paint Crayon

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  • Description

    • HOLDS 11/16” (1.75 cm) DIA. ROUND CRAYONS. For use with Carmel paint crayon and paint crayon XLong.
    • NO MESS - from holding paint crayons in your hands.
    • PROTECTS CRAYON - Helps prevent crayon breakage.
    • USER FRIENDLY - Easily reveal as much paint crayon as needed.
    • Holder size: 11/16” (1.75 cm) dia. 


    Product Description

    A specially designed wooden holder for use with Carmel round paint crayons, including paint crayons of regular size and XLong versions. No mess from holding crayons in your hands. Protects the crayon and helps prevent breakage. Paint crayons sold separately.



    Remove paper tube covering crayon before inserting it into the holder.