Artist Spotlight - Karine Russell

In this Artist Spotlight episode we get to know Karine Russell, a painter who tackles each painting with her own unique style.

Artist Spotlight - Gene Pendon

In this Artist Spotlight episode we have a talk with Gene Pendon about his art piece that he did for the Junior Restaurant in Montreal. Thank you to Jojo Flores for allowing us to film this video with Gene in the restaurant!

Artist Spotlight - Beyung

Beyung découvre les Paint Markers, Chalk Ink Markers, Bottle Markers and Metal Markers fait au Québec par Carmel Industries.

Artist Spotlight - Alex Grilanc (Grils)

Artist Spotlight - Audrey Lachance

Artist Spotlight - La Marquise de Ville-Émard

Artist Spotlight - Waxhead & Cryote

Carmel had the pleasure of collaborating with these madly talented chaps to paint our back door. Special thanks to Waxhead and Cryote. They talk about how Carmel’s paint markers and paint crayons are ideal for applying durable vivid paint to a wide range of materials.

Canettes De Ruelle - Art Event

Artists: Adi Khavous and Bianca Zepeda Leblanc

Art Jam - Hosted by Carmel Industries

At Carmel, we’re into supporting local art. That’s why every once in a while, we invite a group of talented artists to come by our space and spend the day letting their creative juices flow. We call it the Art Jam, and kicked off the first one with a host of amazing artists from around Montreal. Artists: Hoar, Hozek, Ek7, Grills, Kor, Beyung, NB and Paynt.