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About Us

Our mission is simple. At Carmel, we manufacture writing instruments and specialty waxes to inspire, encourage and support health & beauty professionals, dentists, pedorthists, orthodontists, dental lab technicians, the food service industry, metal fabricators, contractors, welders, tailors, farmers, and dairymen globally. We pride ourselves on supplying high-quality materials to craftspeople and artists so they can create high-level products for their customers.

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The Carmel Story

It all started in 1974 near Montreal's Olympic Stadium when Joey Rashcovsky began manufacturing tailor chalk for the garment district on Chabanel street.

Almost fifty years later, Joey’s grandson Rob now operates Carmel Industries out of a 33,000-square-foot facility just north of Montreal with a diverse team of experts from manufacturing and design to digital marketing. 

Our company conceptualizes, develops, and manufactures products in-house, while our online sales team has brought Carmel products to retail consumers globally.

What are we most proud of? 

Our international reputation for high-quality, innovative products is stronger than ever.

Watch Our Video

Watch Our Video