Carpenter's Pencil

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  • Description

    • EASILY MARKS WOOD - Works best on surfaces such as lumber / timber.
    • CREATES CLEAR, DURABLE MARKINGS - Solid graphite lead makes highly visible marks for precision tracing.
    • MULTI-USE - Great for marking drill holes, saw lines, measurements, and other construction needs.
    • EASY TO SHARPEN - Durable lead resists breaking.
    • Pencil Size: 9/16” x 7” dia. (1.4 x 18 cm).

     Product Description

    A flat black lead pencil ideal for marking rough surfaces such as lumber and timber. Creates clear, durable markings. Easy to sharpen.

    Surface Uses

    Works best on wood (lumber). Also works on concrete, stone, and other smooth surfaces.


    • Pencil Size: 9/16” x 7” dia. (1.4 x 18 cm)
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