Моделирование восковых листов

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Modelling Wax (European Size Denture Wax)

Carmel Modeling Wax is a European-size denture wax available in three different formulas: Set-Up, Extra-Tough, and Pink #2 Modeling Wax Sheets. It also comes in three shades of pink (salmon pink, dark pink, or red pink). The Modeling Wax is cast into rectangular sheets and is used for many applications in dentistry, such as establishing the initial arch form in making trial plates for the arrangement of artificial dentures.

Baseplate wax2

3 Medium hard formulas

• Set-Up Modelling Wax Sheets
• Extra-Tough Modelling Wax Sheets
• Pink #2 Modelling Wax Sheets

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Color guide

• Dark Mauvelous Pink - Extra-Tough Modelling Wax Sheets
• Salmon - Set-Up Modelling Wax Sheets
• Red Pink - Pink #2 Modelling Wax Sheets

Modelling wax sheets2