Foot Impression Casting Wax


Slipper Casting (Foot Impression Wax)

The use of a slipper cast has been employed for many years in the provision of CFO’s. Maintaining a “Subtalar Neutral” or Neutral Calcaneal Stance Position (NCSP) during the casting technique, the clinician is able to reproduce the position typically used to assess foot alignment. A negative cast is taken with wax. This is then used to yield a positive mould for further correction or modification before fabrication.

Size: 38.5cm x 19cm [15”x7.5”] 
Melt point: approx. 64°c

Two formulas available:


Uni-Wax softens quickly once heated but hardens slowly allowing adequate working time. A tough wax that has a good stretch when it’s warm.


Pedo-wax‘s strong advantage is flexibility. It softens rapidly when heated but hardens faster than Uni-Wax.