Polyethylene Wax

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  • Description

    • POLYETHYLENE WAX -  This synthetic wax offers many benefits over petroleum or paraffin waxes, as polyethylene increases adhesive solidification without increasing the mixture's viscosity.
    APPLICATIONS - Polyethylene Wax has multiple uses, such as manufacturing hot melt adhesives, dispersing loads and pigments (masterbatch), coating paper, rubber and PVC, inks and toners, adding to paraffin mixtures, polishes, and more.
    COATING PAPER - This wax improves gloss and flexibility, achieving high-quality finishes on paper.
    • FOR CANDLE MAKING - Polyethylene wax has a high thermal resistance, substantially improving the overall hardness of wax candles.
    • PACKAGING - Available in 25 kg bags.

    Product Description
    Polyethylene Wax is synthetic and offers many benefits over petroleum or paraffin waxes. This wax is best used for coating paper, adding it to other waxes such as paraffin, and candle making. Carmel Polyethylene Wax comes in various formulations, including micro-sized waxes, finest-air-classified powders, granules, dispersions, and emulsions.

  • Specifications

    • Packaging: 25 kg