Art Jam

Hey there art lovers! We at Carmel are all about celebrating local art, which is why we recently invited some amazing local artists to our space for Art Jam, a day of creative expression using our products. Check out Montreal-based artists like Hoar, Hozek, Ek7, Grills, Kor, Beyung, NB, and Paynt creating their masterpieces.


We were super excited to welcome Beyung to our art studio - a gifted artist from Montreal! As the cameras rolled, Beyung got to work with our Paint Markers, Chalk Ink Markers, Bottle Markers, and Metal Markers, and the results were nothing short of spectacular! Beyung's creative flair was on full display, working wonders right in front of us.

Gene Pendon

Have you heard of Gene Pendon? If not, you'll certainly recognize his breathtaking large-scale art pieces! Take a stroll down Montreal's Crescent Street, and you'll find one of his most iconic works - a mural of Leonard Cohen, created in collaboration with El Mac. We were so lucky to experience Gene's art up close and personal at Junior's Filipino restaurant, where he created stunning art inspired by tribal tattoos using Carmel's paint markers.

Alex Grilanc (GRiLS)

Alex Grilanc (GRiLS) hails from the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia and now calls Montreal home. A classical art school graduate, GRiLS loves to express his creativity through graffiti and murals of all sizes. We were absolutely delighted to welcome him to our studio to create some stunning pieces using our products.

Audrey Lachance

We were thrilled to welcome artist Audrey Lachance to our studio! She brought all the vibrancy and energy to her bold, modern artwork. As she used our products to craft her signature flowing lines, we were in awe of the beautiful creations that emerged.

La Marquise de Ville-Émard

The Marquise de Ville-Émard, a self-taught painter and artistic make-up artist, uses Carmel products to create fantastic artwork on camera. We had a blast watching her transform a dinner plate, a watering can, and a pair of sneakers into beautiful works of art.

Waxhead and Cryote

Carmel had the great opportunity to watch Montrealers Waxhead and Cryote, two multi-media street artists (and buds since they were 17), create one of their beautiful murals on our back door. They even showed us how Carmel's paint markers and crayons can apply vibrant and long-lasting paint to many different surfaces!

Canettes De Ruelle Artists: Adi Khavous and Bianca Zepeda Leblanc

Artists Adi Khavous and Bianca Zepeda Leblanc join together in this video to talk about Canettes de Rouelle, an event that brings artists together to paint murals using their favorite Carmel products like the Jumbo Paint Crayon and Montreal's buildings as their canvases.

David Bipolo

Are you ready to be inspired? Watch the impressive David Bipolo work his magic with our paints! We were absolutely mesmerized by this Montreal-based artist, renowned for his beautiful abstracts and landscapes, and when we watched him use our Paint Marker to create a captivating masterpiece, we were left wanting more!

Karine Russell

Originally from St.-Jean-Sur- Richelieu, the multi-talented artist Karine Russell is on full display as she uses Carmel Paint Markers to create a work of art right before our eyes. Her imagination and energy are absolutely captivating!

Karine Russell 2

Watch Karine Russell as she transforms a store front window into a stunning work of art using Carmel's Glass Paint Markers. You'll be amazed every time she turns an ordinary surface into a breathtaking painting!