Conversations with Creatives

Artist Spotlight | David Bipolo

Prepare to be inspired! Witness the captivating artistry of David Bipolo, the Montreal-based master of abstracts and landscapes. Watch in awe as he works his magic with our Paint Marker, creating mesmerizing masterpieces that will leave you craving for more!

Mural Painting Event

Art Jam #1 - Hosted by Carmel Industries

Hey there art lovers! We at Carmel are all about celebrating local art, which is why we recently invited some amazing local artists to our space for Art Jam, a day of creative expression using our products. Check out Montreal-based artists like Hoar, Hozek, Ek7, Grills, Kor, Beyung, NB, and Paynt creating their masterpieces.


Artist Spotlight | Waxhead & Cryote

Carmel had the great opportunity to watch Montrealers Waxhead and Cryote, two multi-media street artists (and buds since they were 17), create one of their beautiful murals on our back door. They even showed us how Carmel's paint markers and crayons can apply vibrant and long-lasting paint to many different surfaces!