Crafting Soy Wax Candles at Home

Crafting Soy Wax Candles at Home

Learn the art of crafting homemade soy wax candles with this easy-to-follow guide. Discover step-by-step instructions, essential materials, and tips for creating beautiful candles in the comfort of your home. Start your candle-making journey today!

Welcome back to the Carmel blog, all you crafty and not-so-crafty friends!

This blog is all about soy wax candle making! You've come to the right place if you're looking to get creative and make your own stunning, one-of-a-kind candles. You'll be able to turn your home into a cozy, welcoming oasis with beautiful eco-friendly candles. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned candle maker, let's start crafting some soy candles!

So Candle-istas….

Let's start by addressing some FAQs about soy wax and candle making!

So, Why Use Soy Wax?
Experience the natural beauty of Carmel's Soy Wax! Our sustainable plant-based wax comes in flake form and is perfect for candle-making beginners and experts alike. It's pure, versatile, and user-friendly, melting uniformly and retaining scent for longer than other waxes. 

How to add Color to your Candles!
Soy wax can be colored using two different methods. Dye blocks and liquid dyes come in a rainbow of hues. Dye blocks create darker, more vibrant colors with soy wax, while liquid dyes generate more light and pastel hues. Feel free to add some coloring to your DIY candles or go with an au naturel vibe.

Essential Oil Combinations 
Scents are a very personal preference. Whether you enjoy a more floral vibe or a sweeter, more sensual aroma, choosing the right essential oils is one of my favorite parts of candle making! I like a balanced fragrance, so mixing different notes is all in the eye or, say, nose of the beholder. Some of my favorite summer candles have zesty citrus scents like orange, lemongrass, and verbena mixed with fresh floral notes such as lavender, sage, and jasmine. In the winter, I lean towards more spicy and warm scents like cinnamon, vanilla, and juniper berry. The fun part is experimenting with different essential oils and coming up with your own personal aura- so don’t be afraid- mix some oils together and see what you come up with!

Hey! What will I need?
Soy candles are easy to make, and most of what you’ll need is found in our Soy Wax Candle Making Kit.

Shopping list:

  1. Carmel’s Soy Wax Candle Making Kits (comes with 1 lb bag of wax flakes, 10 pre-tabbed wicks & 2 centering devices.) 
  2. Essential oil. (optional) 
  3. Jars 
  4. Chopsticks or wooden spoon.
  5. Scotch Tape.
  6. Pencil or Popsicle Sticks.

*Thinking that 1 lb of soy wax flakes isn’t enough? Carmel’s online store offers kits with 5 lb and 10 lb bags of Soy wax flakes.

Alright my bougie friends- let’s do this!

Step-By-Step Instructions
Step 1: Pick up your wick (with wick tab attached) and wick stickers, pull one of the wick stickers off the roll and place it on the wick tab, then peel the paper off the exposed side of the wick sticker.

Step 2: Attach the wick to the bottom center of the jar. 

Step 3: Melt soy wax in a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can create one by placing one inch of water in a pot, placing a smaller pot or stainless steel bowl inside, and bringing the water to a low simmer. Alternatively, you can melt soy wax flakes in a microwavable bowl at 160 degrees.

Step 4: Once cooled to approximately 130 degrees, add your essential oils. You’ll want to add about 100 drops of essential oils for every pound of wax. Using a wooden spoon or a chopstick, stir the soy wax and essential oils (if using) together. 

Step 5: Pour wax into jars.

Step 6: Set the wick so that it’s in the center. You can do this by placing a pencil across the jar and taping the wick to it.

Step 7: Place the jars carefully on a countertop and allow to cool completely.

Step 8: Trim wicks to ½ inch.

    Then…Let it Burn!

    How to Clean Up Melted Wax
    Soy wax is relatively easy to clean up. Simply use soap and warm water to loosen the melted wax from the sides of the bowl, then take a paper towel or a dishcloth to scrub it clean. 

    Safety First!
    It's important to be mindful when using candles, especially when small children are around. Ensure the candles are not within reach of little ones and keep an eye on them to ensure their safety.

    How was that for your candle-making experience? You now have all the tools to create beautiful, handmade soy candles to enjoy or give as gifts to your friends and family. 

    I hope you have a great time lighting up your candles and enjoying the relaxing and calming atmosphere they create! 

    Make sure to share your results with us by tagging us on Instagram or sending us an email– we’d love to see your candle creations!

    Until next time, all you bright and shiny candle makers!


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    Justin Allen

    Justin Allen

    Your perspective on this topic is truly eye-opening. The way you presented your ideas was both engaging and thought-provoking. Looking forward to reading more of your content. Keep up the great work!

    Your perspective on this topic is truly eye-opening. The way you presented your ideas was both engaging and thought-provoking. Looking forward to reading more of your content. Keep up the great work!

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