Art Battle 2024 in Montreal: A Canvas of Diversity & Expression

Art Battle 2024 in Montreal: A Canvas of Diversity & Expression

Montreal's Art Battle 2024 showcased twelve diverse artists, creating a vibrant celebration of creativity supported by Carmel Industries.
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Montreal's creative heartbeat throbbed louder than ever at Art Battle 2024! The transformation of a bar into a live art arena was pulsating with the enthusiasm of twelve talented contestants, each armed with paint and markers, and their passion to win over the hearts of the engaged audience made for a truly captivating event.

Carmel Wide Tip Acrylic Paint Marker - Art Battle Montreal (2024)

As the vibrant strokes of creativity unfolded on the canvas, the palpable desire of these artists to win over the engaged audience became an immersive experience. These twelve talented artists showcasing their unique styles and perspectives at Art Battle 2024 are the remarkable individuals who brought this artistic spectacle to life. Each of them contributed to the dynamic nature of the event, turning the live art arena into a captivating showcase of diverse talents and creative expression.

Evelyne Lace

Introducing one of the remarkable artists, Evelyne Lace—a self-taught, mixed-media, abstract, and oneiric painter hailing from Montreal. Evelyne's unique artistic journey and residence in the vibrant city added depth to the diverse pool of talent showcased at Art Battle 2024. You can find her on Instagram (@evelynes_milky_way), where she generously shares her artistic evolution and the vibrant expressions of her imagination.

Evelyne viewed Art Battle 2024 as a golden opportunity to forge connections with fellow emerging talents and art enthusiasts. Her creations' abstract and dreamlike nature held the promise of providing a distinct insight into her creative process. In her own words, she expressed, "This will be a great opportunity for me to engage with other artists in an inspiring context, to unveil a glimpse of my creative process, and, hopefully, to bring visibility to my abstract and oneiric art."


Ariane Leduc

Ariane Leduc, a 3D character artist for video games and a teacher at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, unexpectedly found themselves on the stage after applying, not fully realizing the profound impact it would have. Their artistic versatility, from digital creation to drawing, painting, and sculpting, infused a dynamic and multifaceted flavor into the competition—Ariane's unique combination of skills promised to bring an exciting and diverse dimension to Art Battle 2024.

Ariane expresses her strong commitment to artistic growth: "I'm always excited to learn new tools and skills to progress in the field, and I'm not scared to get out of my comfort zone." You can follow Ariane on Instagram @ariane_leduc


Valerie Malo

Valerie Malo, renowned for her proficiency in acrylic painting and mixed media, infused her artistic creations with a vibrant palette of colors. Her celebrated series, "Trop belles pour être vraies," was launched in 2023 to rave reviews. With over two decades of painting experience and a portfolio boasting more than 20 sold paintings, Valerie eagerly shared her passion with the audience. 

Having fulfilled her dream of painting in front of people, she couldn't wait to share the love with her co-competitors as she worked on an exhibition slated for 2024. 

You can follow Valerie on Instagram @Vmalo_art



The enigmatic CREAPRATICS, a multifaceted artist, mentor, cosplayer, and creator of therapeutic art, fearlessly embraced the challenge, demonstrating a remarkable ability to craft within the constraints of 20 minutes or less. Luminescent acrylic inks became a signature element in CREAPRATICS' work, adding a captivating dimension to each piece and guiding viewers through evocative journeys of memory, dreams, and emotional landscapes.

Beyond the confines of time, CREAPRATICS extends their artistic prowess to therapeutic art, harnessing the transformative power of creativity for healing and self-expression. Additionally, as a DJ, they skillfully blend sonic landscapes that complement and enhance their visual artistry. 

For those eager to delve into CREAPRATICS' artistic world, their Instagram handle, @crea.pratics, is a portal to a diverse and inspiring collection of creations that transcend boundaries and captivate the senses.


Maria Nova

Maria Nova, a versatile artist, photographer, and fashion designer, seamlessly harmonized classical art, modernism, and fashion illustration within the canvas of her work. The elegance with which she blended these diverse influences spoke volumes about her unique creative approach. Maria's art became a captivating intersection of tradition and contemporary expression, where each piece unfolded as a visual narrative that transcended artistic boundaries. 

Her keen eye for detail and the fusion of different artistic elements added a distinctive charm to her creations, making Maria Nova a true maestro of artistic synthesis.

You can follow Maria on Instagram: @novamarinna


Clementine Coté Bélanger

Clementine Coté Bélanger, a sculptor and mixed-media artist, discovered a sense of liberation in expressing herself through her delightfully eccentric sculptures—pieces that balance the somewhat practical and the wonderfully weird. Embracing a palette of mediums, including chalk, paint, pencils, and collage, Clementine infused her creations with a whimsical touch that set her apart at Art Battle. Her artistic endeavors even ventured into uncharted territories, incorporating unconventional elements like lost hair into her works. 

Through her imaginative exploration, Clementine unveiled a refreshing and distinctive flair and illuminated the Art Battle event with a kaleidoscope of possibilities within creative expression. Clementine's contribution added a dynamic layer to the event, inspiring fellow artists and the engaged audience to embrace the limitless potential inherent in the diverse and boundless realm of creative expression.


Michel Laf

Michel Laf, an illustrator and skilled drawer, eagerly embraced the challenge as a golden opportunity to establish his presence within the community. With a unique artistic perspective that held the promise of contributing both depth and diversity, Michel aimed to infuse his creative essence into the intricate composition of the event.

His participation wasn't merely a showcase of talent; it was a deliberate step towards becoming a recognized figure in the artistic landscape. Michel Laf's creative voice, set to resonate through his illustrations and drawings, was poised to leave an indelible mark on Art Battle 2024 with his distinct and compelling artwork.



Frankimation, a seasoned digital artist with a decade of experience in animation and illustration, brings a rich array of skills to the artistic realm. Beyond the digital canvas, one of his notable passions is acrylic painting, where he skillfully utilizes vibrant colors and dynamic lines to convey a sense of strength in his artwork. Frankimation's diverse skill set extends to illustration, photography, painting, digital animation, and music, showcasing his multifaceted creativity.

His proficiency across various artistic mediums reflects his versatility and promises a unique and immersive journey through the realms of visual and auditory expression. Frankimation's dedication to his craft is evident in the depth and diversity he brings to each facet of his artistic endeavors.

You can follow Frankimation on Instagram: @frankimation


Janick Ericksen

Janick's art captivates viewers by residing in a distinctive realm, consistently teetering on the edge of the dramatic scene. She has a penchant for crafting atmospheres that challenge spectators and beckon them to experience unique emotions. Janick Ericksen possesses a diverse skill set that spans sculpture, mixed media, photography, acrylic, and ink, allowing her to create a rich array of visual narratives.

Embracing the Art Battle as a splendid opportunity, Janick seized the chance to let her brushes speak intuitively and urgently within the confines of the limited time provided. For her, this spirited challenge marked a dynamic commencement to 2024, where the festive atmosphere fueled her artistic fervor and promised a vibrant start to the year. Janick's participation in the Art Battle became a showcase of skill and a celebration of the unpredictable beauty that unfolds when creativity meets the urgency of time. 

Carmel Medium Tip Acrylic Paint Markers - Art Battle Montreal (2024)

As the final strokes graced the canvases and the echoes of creative fervor lingered in the air, Art Battle 2024 emerged as a testament to the richness of artistic diversity. The artists, hailing from diverse backgrounds, each brought forth a unique style and employed various mediums. The Montreal audience didn't merely witness a competition; they immersed themselves in a lively celebration of artistic expression. Carmel Industries' unwavering support served as a catalyst for this creative symphony. 

Every stroke, color choice, and innovative idea shared that night contributed to the collective masterpiece that symbolizes the ever-evolving essence of Montreal's art scene. The event stood as a beacon, showcasing the boundless potential when creativity and community converge in a harmonious celebration of the arts.

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