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Learn About Our Paint Markers

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Our multi-surface paint markers are specifically designed to withstand the elements and work on most smooth surfaces. They offer several advantages over other permanent markers including durability, extreme temperature use, and the ability to write on a much wider range of surfaces. Our variety of products are designed to meet your needs, no matter how specific they may be. Here are some commonly asked questions to help you in your decision making process:

Why is a paint marker better than other types of markers?

The paint used in our multi-surface paint markers is designed to be more durable and more visible than regular ink. This offers a wider range of uses than those available to other markers. Ink marks will also fade when exposed to sunlight, while our paint marks will last much longer.

How does it work?

Our paint markers are designed with a valve activated nib that releases a controlled flow of paint when pressure is applied to a surface. The valves action keeps the paint from drying out or leaking when not in use. This also allows a more even coat of paint when marking. Our paint markers can also handle constant use as the nib will not dry out like it can with classic ink designs.

What surfaces does it work on?

The Carmel multi-surface paint marker is designed to work on nearly any surface including most metals used in industrial products. We have various sizes and types of paint markers for use on metal, wood, stone, glass and nearly any application you can think of. Thought our markers do work on rough surfaces such as concrete, our paint crayons are better suited for these applications.

What are the common uses of this marker?

Our paint markers are designed primarily for industrial use, but have countless uses, one of which will likely suit your marking needs. These markers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and a spectrum of colors including metallic paints. They are capable of fine and bold markings and precision writing, with a 3/16″ nib being the standard multi-use size. Our paint markers are also more durable than ink in high temperature applications.

Will the marker paint show through a top-coat coat?

Our Seep-Through Markers are designed to seep through oil or water based paints to be visible on the surface of your material (mainly metal).

Are marks removable?

The paint used in our markers is designed to be permanent, to stand up to various conditions and the weather. The marks may still be removable by grinding, or by use of solvents from non- porous surfaces like metal. We do offer removable paint markers if this is necessary for your process.

How long will a marker last me?

Our markers have various shelf lives and the shelf life of the Paint Marker is one of the longest. The nib on this marker is easily replaceable if it becomes damaged or dries out, increasing the lifespan of every paint marker. Paint will dry on an uncovered nib, potentially blocking flow of more paint. The paint Markers nib can be remoistened by pressing down on the nib opening up the valve allowing more paint to the tip. Furthermore the air-tight cap will keep the paint from being exposed to any air when covered, keeping your nib fresh and your paint store usable. These factors make for a marker that, with proper care will last a long time.

Our Carmel multi-surface paint markers are designed to fit your needs in any application, and to last until you use all of the paint inside them. We hope that these or one of our other markers will work for your industry or project, and we are always willing to help recommend the proper writing instrument if you contact us.

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