The Hottest Paint Marker Arts and Crafts Ideas

The Hottest Paint Marker Arts and Crafts Ideas

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A great tool for arts and crafts

If you’re a crafty person, you’re always on the lookout for new ideas to create amazing things like personalized gifts, home décor pieces, or custom apparel. When shopping for materials, you’ve probably come across paint markers (also called paint pens) in your search. These things are the perfect tool to take your arts and crafts creations to the next level.

What are paint markers?

You’ve probably used paint brushes, regular markers and pens in your projects. Paint markers combine elements of all three. Basically, paint markers look like regular markers (or pens) but instead of ink, they apply paint to all kinds of surfaces. The paint can be of any type but is typically acrylic.

Paint markers are sometimes also called paint pens, acrylic markers, or permanent paint markers.

Paint markers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and some are specialized for certain surfaces such as metal, wood, glass or brick. Most paint markers apply paint that is permanent, but you can find some markers that can wash off, which is great for writing on vinyl chalkboards for example.
What makes paint markers so great for arts and crafts?

The main thing that artists and craft makers love about paint pens in that they apply paint – which sounds obvious, but it has certain advantages over ink. Regular ink is coloured with a dye that is a smaller molecule, gets absorbed by certain surfaces and doesn’t stick to others.

Paint is coloured with a pigment, which results in larger particles suspended in a medium. It’s opaque and dries in a solid form on the material it’s applied to, making it more vibrant, permanent and durable. Paint applied from a quality paint marker won’t fade, mix with other colours, and generally won’t be absorbed into the surface. You can apply the paint to dark surfaces or layer it with other colours and it will stay intact.

Paint markers deliver paint to surfaces using a tip or nib, as opposed to the bristles of a typical paint brush. Some paint markers also use a roller tip (like a ball-point pen) to evenly apply paint to smooth surfaces.

Paint markers allow for a lot more fine-tuning and detail than paint brushes and are much easier to use. They are great for writing and drawing precise shapes and designs.

Paint markers come in a variety of nib sizes and types, from the wide jumbo marker to the sharper tip of the finer paint pens. Whatever surface you need to get paint on, you can find the right paint marker for your needs – at an affordable price compared to other art supplies.

If you’re an arts and crafts person, you’re likely going to be experimenting with many different media and techniques instead of specializing in just one. Paint markers can be used in a variety of situations, making them valuable tools to have in your arsenal.

Paint Markers On Glassware

How Are Crafty People Using Paint Markers?
Here are some amazing ways people use paint markers to create customized arts and crafts pieces.

Custom wine glasses are a popular craft idea for gifts and special occasions like weddings and bachelorette parties. People are also using paint markers to add unique designs on mugs, teapots and plates.

The key here is to use a paint marker that is made for glass and ceramic surfaces and that is durable enough to not come off in the dishwasher. Carmel’s valve-activated paint markers would work perfectly for this type of project.

Paint markers on home décor pieces

Customized home décor pieces like this DIY lamp design are a popular craft idea that’s currently all over Pinterest and craft blogs. The right paint marker can help you add a bit of spice to everything in your home, from coasters to coffee tables.

To make sure your designs really come through and last as long as possible, use quality paint markers that are designed to work on the surfaces you’re dealing with. Some markers are approved for a variety of surfaces, like Carmel’s multi-surface paint markers which work on everything from glass to metal to wood.

Paint markers on jewelry

Painted jewelry is all over online shops like Etsy. There’s no better way to get the precision and durability needed for this type of project than by using a paint marker.

Customizing jewelry with paint is a delicate process and involves a variety of materials and surfaces. Finer-tipped quality paint markers like Carmel’s fine-line paint marker would work well in this case.

Paint markers on phone cases

Customizing smartphone cases is a hot trend. Paint markers are the perfect tool to create unique designs on all types of cases and covers.

Make sure to use a good quality paint marker for this project, since your case will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Pro tip: don’t paint the case while it’s on your phone.

More paint marker arts and crafts ideas

There are a ton of applications for paint markers when it comes to crafting DIY art pieces. You can use them to:

  • draw on photographs
  • customize bookmarks
  • make cool jewelry boxes
  • create unique gift wrapping

And so much more! Wherever you need to add a dash of colour or highlights, you can use a paint marker for the job.

Remember, not all paint markers are created equal. In general, you want ones that apply paint to a variety of surfaces, that are opaque and that will keep their colour intact over time.

Creating washed-out effects

In some cases, you might want the colours to run or blend into each other. If you are looking to add a washed-out effect to your creations, try a water-based paint marker. Right after applying your paint, you can wash over it with a wet paint brush to create cool water-colour-like designs.

Pro tip: Water-based markers are also a great choice if you’re concerned about VOCs. 

They are non-flammable, odorless and contain no harsh solvents.

We Could Go On Forever – But We’re Sure You’ve Already Thought Of More Uses For Paint Markers In Your Projects. Get Out There And Start Bringing Your Ideas To Life!


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