The Many Uses For Metal Markers

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Discover the best marking tool you didn’t know existed

Need a practical alternative to common markers, aka magic markers, crayons and chalk to mark metal? Need to complete your measuring tools with a multi-surface marker or do you require a parts number on a machined metal part? The extensive line of Ball-Tip Metal Markers from Carmel will provide the metal marking solutions for every project in any trade. 

These little marvels are so versatile and diverse in their purpose, they can even come to the rescue when the job has gotten a little messy. Created for industry these markers can also be used by consumers for their heavy duty marking. Not only can they be used on dry clean surfaces, but even on dirty, oily, or greasy metal as well as other surfaces. The marking tips are so resilient and effective, they will power through the oil and dirt and remain intact through many a project… not deterred at all. As long as the marked surface in question is relatively flat and smooth —to allow for the metal-ball roll tip to depress and roll freely— Carmel’s line of metal markers will come through on that important job.

When you do come across more uneven terrain, and a rougher surface needs to be marked, drawn, or written on, then call upon one of Carmel’s Paint Crayons or Solid Paint Markers. How does this work? As the crayon drags across the more jagged surface, it slowly begins to break down and adheres the desired colour onto your material. Truly, a solution for every project, every material, and every situation.

Choice of applicators

Like any other piece of technology, Carmel’s products evolve and adapt, borne out of necessity and the feedback of our loyal customers. Just like our paints, inks, and waxes have diversified over time, so too have our bottles. The very first incarnation of ball-tip paint marker applicator we launched was in the form of a tube. As different needs became apparent, we then introduced the squeezable bottle, which comes with its own inherent advantages. Lastly, the pump marker came to be, with its revolutionary “no-squeeze” approach. 

Since you can't just use a standard marker or pen to write on metal or painting steel, choose one of the metal ball tipped markers from your Paint Marker Source at Carmel. With a wide selection of sizes, colours (including the classic yellow, black and red marker) and fine or bold marking abilities, this state of the art industrial gem is also available in 3 innovative applicators: 

  • Bottle Ballpoint Paint Marker (2 oz. metal-ball markers with highly visible marking paint through a press-activated ball point tip)
  • Tube Ballpoint Paint Marker (Toothpaste-style tube that marks with paint through a press-activated tip)
  • Squeeze-it Marker (Press the tip and squeeze the barrel for fine line metal paint markings)
  • Pump Ballpoint Paint Marker (Pressurized system that allows marking with 1.8 oz. of highly visible paint with no need to squeeze. Just pump the back of the marker and depress the roller ball tip)
Where they can be used

Carmel Ball-Tip Metal Markers write on different types of steel, metal, stainless steel and aluminum. Common applications for this industrial marker include permanent marking on H and I beams, plates, flat rolled steel, tubing, casings, line and drill pipe, valves, forgings, slabs, channels, square bar, sheets, square and rectangular tubing. And these are just a few.

In fact, many other surfaces can be marked, written on, traced lines on, and marked for cutting. Non-porous stone, glass, wood, plastic, vinyl, laminates, and rubber are just a few. And not only are they versatile, but they can be applied to dirty, oily, and even wet surfaces.

Who benefits most

Steel markers are most often used by metal fabricators, steel erectors, ship builders and in steel fabrication. The Carmel Ball-Tip Metal Markers can also be used in other various manufacturing, construction and art projects. They are also used as industrial paint markers or even for personal projects such as arts and crafts… and not only as a marking tool, but as a steel paint too.

Is it durable?

These multi-surface paint markers are specifically engineered with the best quality and highly visible paint. Markings withstands not only the elements but also the test of time and will not fade like the dye based ink marker alternatives. And so the advantages over other average permanent marker inks include –among others– durability, extreme weather, sunlight, and the ability to write on a much wider variety of surfaces with lasting results.

How to choose

To shop the best permanent ball-tipped marking products, and for expert advice in choosing the optimal writing instrument for your project, call us at (514) 270-5377 or E-mail

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