Metal Holder for Lumber Crayon


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  • HOLDS ½ inch (12.7 mm) HEX-SHAPED CRAYONS - For use with Carmel Lumber Crayon, Lumber Crayon XLong, Hex Paint Crayon, Hex Paint Crayon XLong, Rubber Crayon, Rubber Crayon XLong, Hex Smooth Surface Paint Crayon.
  • NO MESS - from holding paint crayons in your hands.
  • PROTECTS CRAYON - Helps prevent crayon breakage.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Easily reveal as much paint crayon as needed.
  • FITS CARMEL’S: Lumber Crayons, Lumber Crayon XLong, Hex Paint Crayons, Hex Smooth Surface Paint Crayon, Rubber Crayon, Rubber Crayon Xlong. Crayons sold separately.


Product Description

A specially designed metal  holder for use with Carmel hexagonal-shaped paint crayons, including hexagonal-shaped paint crayons of regular size and XLong versions. No mess from holding crayons in your hands. Protects the crayon and helps prevent breakage. Paint crayons sold separately.



A push button clutch holder. Pushing the button on the back of the holder extends the clutch mechanism that holds the crayon.