Orthodontic Wax in Unscented Box


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Also available in a blister pack, contact us for pricing:

STANDARD WAX FORMULA IN UNSCENTED BOX - Made from a durable and flexible material. 

IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF - Apply Carmel Orthodontic Relief Wax directly onto braces / teeth to relieve pain and irritation caused by braces rubbing against the soft tissue of the mouth.

SAFE TO USE - Made from a specialized wax formulation. Latex free. Bleach and peroxide free - will not oxidize braces and dental appliances. 

EASY APPLICATION - Tear off small pieces of relief wax and apply directly to affected areas. Relief wax is typically applied to smooth out rough edges on: Braces; Dental appliances; Dentures; Damaged teeth

24 HOUR PROTECTION - Strongly adheres to braces for all-day protection. Sleep, eat and drink while enjoying full protection and pain relief.

 Product Description

Carmel Orthodontic Relief wax is a type of dental wax, also called orthodontic wax, patient wax or tooth wax. It provides temporary relief from pain and irritation caused by braces and dental appliances rubbing against the soft tissue of the mouth. 


Separate one strip of wax from the rest and tear off pieces as needed. Apply pieces directly to braces / appliances / teeth to prevent irritation and discomfort from rubbing.



  • Comes in strips that can be detached and applied as needed.
  • Meets CE Marking and FDA requirements
  • Latex free
  • Bleach and peroxide free