Oily Surface Paint Marker


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      • SPECIAL FORMULA - For marking wet and or oily surfaces.
      • INDUSTRIAL USE - Great for a variety of industrial uses including metalworking.
      • SURFACE USE - Ideal for marking on metal surfaces (aluminum sheets, stainless steel, copper, brass, galvanized metal) or other smooth, non-porous surfaces.
      • EASY-TO-USE - Valve-activated paint marker - simply push down on the tip to apply paint to your surface.
      • MEDIUM-TIP - 3/16” / 5mm bullet shape - These paint markers can be used to create clear lines of various thickness.

Product Description

This marker applies specially formulated paint that penetrates oils and greases for weather and fade resistant vivid markings.

Additional Information


Shake well. 

Press down on the surface until paint flows over the tip. 

Begin marking.

Surface Uses

Best used on smooth, flat materials such as:

      • Metal (aluminum sheets, stainless steel, copper, brass, galvanized metal)
      • Smooth Plastic
      • Vinyl
      • Glass
      • Ceramics
      • Laminated wood
      • Smooth stone



      • Absorbent polyester nib ideal for smooth surfaces
      • Specially formulated vivid paint for wet surfaces
      • Long-lasting, weather & fade resistant
      • Xylene and toluene free
      • Low halogens and low chlorides
      • Available in a variety of colours