Railroad Chalk


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      • LARGE SIZE - A large stick of chalk ideal for creating bold temporary marks on a variety of surfaces.
      • IDEAL FOR - Marking steel, asphalt & concrete. Also works great on rough or textured surfaces such as wood.
      • Also marks on a wide range of surfaces, including: Stone; Wood; Metal; Glass; Ceramics; Rubber.
      • Temporary: Markings from white Railroad Chalk  may be removed from non porous surfaces such as metal.
      • Chalk size: 1” x 4” dia. (2.5 x 10 cm).
      • MULTIPLE COLORS - Box of 72 or 144 units. Chalk holder available.


Product Description

Carmel railroad chalk is a specially designed, large stick of calcium carbonate used to create bold, bright marks on a variety of surfaces. Used in various industrial applications for identification purposes, but also great for creating temporary outdoor art.