Jewelry Casting Wax
Jewelry Casting Wax
Jewelry Casting Wax
Jewelry Casting Wax
Jewelry Casting Wax


Jewelry Casting Wax

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All purpose and best detail injection wax. Wax for Casting and Jewelry.


Melting Point: 70°C / 158°F.

Four different formulations:

  • Aqua Green: Medium-soft
  • Turquoise Blue: Hard
  • Turquoise: Soft
  • Manhattan Rose: Medium-soft

Jewelry Wax

Our wax is meticulously crafted to offer unrivaled versatility, enabling you to replicate your finest jewelry pieces with ease. Achieve jewelry that radiates with excellence, whether you're working with bronze, silver, or gold.


Carve, shape, and craft even the most intricate design details with ease. It's your ideal companion for engraving and creating a wide array of exquisite jewelry, including rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Tailored to Your Needs

Its robust hardness empowers you to fashion the finest handcrafted jewelry. The ultra-smooth interior ensures your jewelry pieces turn out impeccably, with a flawless finish.