Cire d'impression de pied

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  • Description

      • A specially designed wax for use in casting the three-dimensional contours of the foot. When foot care professionals craft custom foot orthoses, they employ various techniques to capture the foot’s structure and positioning. One such technique is wax slipper casting, which uses this specialized wax to create a model of the foot.

        Wax Slipper Casting

        In the wax slipper casting process, a negative cast is first taken using foot impression casting wax. This is then used to create a positive mould for further correction or modification before fabrication.

        Carmel Foot Casting Wax ensures an accurate capture of the anatomy and contours of the plantar aspect of the foot while it is in a non-weight bearing, full-weight-bearing, or semi-weight baring position.

        Size: 38.5cm x 19cm [15”x7.5”]
        Melt point: approx. 64°c

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