Crayon de marquage universel

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  • Description

        • MULTI-SURFACE - Ideal for marking smooth surfaces. Writes on glass, film, plastic, ceramics, metal. wood and more.
        • WOOD PENCIL - Unlike a standard Grease Pencil (China marker) that is wrapped in paper, this pencils’ greasy lead is encased in a durable hex-shaped wood shaft.
        • EASY-TO-USE - With the universal marking pencil, there’s no need to peel back paper to reveal the lead. It can be sharpened like a standard lead pencil.
        • NO MESS - The universal marking pencil’s lead glides smoothly on most smooth surfaces and with no paper to peel back there’s nothing to fumble with and no mess to clean up.
        • Pencil size: 5/16” x 7” dia. (0.7 x 18 cm)

    Product Description

     A wood encased grease pencil (instead of paper wrapped) containing a thick greasy waxy lead core. Water-soluble. Ideal for marking a variety of surfaces.