Paraffin Bath Wax Refill

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        • HIGH PURITY PARAFFIN WAX specially designed for use with any therapeutic wax bath.
        • DIRECTIONS: Melt wax beads into the bath and submerge hands or feet to create a warming, moisturizing seal.
        • The relaxing warm sensation provided by this melted wax is used to treat pain in hands and feet. Helps provide relief and comfort for those who suffer from arthritis, joint stiffness, dry skin.
        • AVAILABLE SCENTS AND COLORS - UNSCENTED WHITE, SCENTED WHITE & SCENTED COLORED: Unscented (white). Scented white available in: Wintergreen, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, vanilla, coconut, rose, and peach. Scented Colored available in Wintergreen (white),  Eucalyptus (green), Lavender (purple), Orange (scent and color), Vanilla (White), Coconut (white), Peach (scent and color) & Rose (Pink).

    Product Description

    Carmel Paraffin Bath Wax is a specially formulated wax for use with therapeutic wax baths.

  • Additional Information

    What makes it ideal for wax bath refills?

     It has a low melting point, which makes it quicker and easier to use.

     It’s safe to come into contact with your skin and meets FDA requirements (21 CFR 178.3710 for use in non-food articles in contact with food).

     Wax available in unscented white, scented white and scented colored.  A variety of soothing scents which enhances the overall experience. Combining aromatherapy with joint pain and stiffness relief.


     Pour the solid wax pastilles into the heated bath unit. When the wax has turned liquid and clear, dip hand in for a few seconds and remove it. This can be done a few times until a coating is created on the skin.

     CAUTION: Warm the paraffin wax to a temperature that is high enough to melt it, but not so hot as to burn your skin. Consult the instructions for your specific wax bath unit.

     Once the hand is dipped into the wax bath a few times, remove and wrap in plastic or a specially designed bag or sleeve. Then, wrap with a towel or place into a specialized glove for a few minutes.

     This process can be done on one hand, or repeated to end up with both hands encased and wrapped in this way.

     Once the heat dissipates (usually after about 10 to 15 minutes) remove hand from the glove/sleeve and peel off the wax. Paraffin wax used for this purpose is smooth and will peel off easily and without pain – this is not like an epilation wax procedure.

     After removing the wax, clean off any residue with a tissue, and apply moisturizer if needed.

     The entire process will usually take about 30 minutes in total.

    Product Demonstration Video

    Carmel Paraffin Bath Wax

    Paraffin Bath Wax

    Carmel Paraffin Bath Wax is a specially formulated wax for use with therapeutic wax baths

    Paraffin bath wax


    1) Pour wax beads.
    2) Set temperature.
    3) Dip your hand.
    4) Remove hand.
    5) Place hand in plastic glove.
    6) Remove plastic.

    Paraffin bath wax directions

    8 Scents

    • Eucalyptus
    • Lavender
    • Orange
    • Rose
    • Peach
    • Wintergreen
    • Coconut
    • Vanilla

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