High Purity Paint Markers: Prevent Corrosion

High Purity Paint Markers: Prevent Corrosion

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Beware of rust

Highly sensitive equipment in today’s industrial environment often uses stainless steel and other assorted blended metals in their manufacturing process. The factories that produce these sensitive equipments and tools are often subject to very high or low temperatures, high pressures, and make use of hazardous substances.

With this combination of elements around metal equipment, corrosion can eat away at the surface, eventually compromising its integrity. Cracks and other weak points are a breeding ground for unnecessary risk to safety and security of those people --or merchandise-- exposed to it. Marking on these susceptible metallic surfaces using an ordinary store-bought marker will transfer harmful chemicals from the ink onto your valuable machinery, which will accelerate the corrosion, fracturing or cracking process from the outside-in. Again, particularly under the extreme pressure and temperatures mentioned above.

The solution

The answer for this? Carmel’s technology has it. Our specialized line of paint markers, blended with low levels of chloride, are safely used on most materials normally susceptible to this chemical, and without provoking corrosion. Our High Purity Markers are engineered deliberately to mark metal surfaces without risk. Aside from merely the low-chloride aspect, these markers also perform in a wide variety of conditions, making it the best tool for industrial applications.

Examples of common industries where low-chloride markers use is essential: Vehicle and craft manufacturing, Power plants, Oil Refining, shipbuilding, military.

Markers engineered with low chloride levels are not only ideal on stainless steel and alloy surfaces, but for a diverse collection of other materials and scenarios. Among them we list:

  • Greasy and oily surfaces. Our markers penetrate through most greasy and oily surfaces providing bold, distinct marks, which dry rapidly.
  • Surfaces that can become extremely hot or are subject to weathering.
  • Rusted surfaces.
  • Some plastics, glass and rubbers.
How does it work?

These Low-Corrosion High Purity Paint Markers’ formulation contains low levels of halogens and chlorides, low-melting metals and sulfurs. The marks will not contribute to the corrosion, weakening or degradation if applied to stainless steel or other alloy metals. The formations of the markings of Carmel’s line of High Purity Markers meet or exceed the specifications for the US Energy RDT standard, RDT F 7-3T, marking components and parts. 

Carmel’s formula is safe for use on stainless steel and other alloy metals where corrosion resistance is crucial. With highly-visible and durable lines left in its trail, our High Purity Marker is definitely the solution for marking on almost any surface where degradation, contamination or other adverse effects are a concern. It will also perform without any grating, scratching or damage to your valuable surfaces.

What does carmel offer?

High Purity Paint Marker

Which materials are safe?

Among other tough surfaces, these markers are used to safely mark:

  • Nuclear pipes, vessels & parts
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloy and super alloy metals
  • Other metallic compounds
Which industries benefit the most?
  • Welding operations
  • Ship-building / other marine manufacture or maintenance
  • Automotive assembly and after-market industry
  • Aviation and aerospace manufacture
  • Nuclear-power generation
  • Oil and natural gas refineries
  • Other Energy power plants
  • Military

…And the paint will not corrode or negatively affect the surfaces being marked.

Product & technical specs
  • Tip type: Choose between Medium, Fine, and Ballpoint
  • Material safety: Low or No-risk on most surfaces, though prior tests should be performed on a small obscure area before liberal use
  • Removable with the proper remover/cleaning solution
  • time to dry: 45 to 60 seconds
  • Fast drying formula leaves wear, weather and UV-resistant marks.
  • The precise formulations meet or exceed the specifications for US energy research and development administration (nuclear grade)
  • Engineered to meet:
  • - < 200 ppm total halogens
    - < 250 ppm each low melting point metals
    - < 300 ppm total low melting point metals
    - < 200 ppm sulfur

For more information on Carmel Low Corrosion High Purity Paint Markers selection, talk to one of our friendly experts at (514) 270-5377


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