Learn More About Our Heat Treating Paint Crayons & Markers

Learn More About Our Heat Treating Paint Crayons & Markers

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The Carmel heat treatment paint crayons and markers are designed to fit your marking needs for surfaces which will undergo heat treatment. If you are looking for a new resource for your industry or project, or just curious, please read our frequently asked questions section below:

What are heat treatment crayons and markers?

The Carmel heat treatment line is designed to work on weldments, forgings, and castings that require heat treating or annealing. We have various sizes and types of paint markers for use on smooth metals that will undergo heat treatment. Our heat treatment crayons work well on rough, dirty, or oily metal surfaces, as well as porous materials like ceramics.

High Temperature Paint Crayon

High Temperature Paint Marker


What temperatures are ideal for paint crayons and markers?

Carmel heat treatment paint crayons and markers are best utilized in the temperature range of -50º to 150ºF (-46º to 66ºC) and will withstand temperatures up to 1600°F (871°C). Our extreme heat treating marks have a marking range of 800ºF to 1200ºF (427 to 649ºC).

What are the main differences between these marking tools?

Our markers are best used in applications involving smooth materials or in writing fine text (numbers, words, etc). Our crayons are ideal for use in rough, dirty, or oily applications.

Are marks removable?

The paint used in our markers is designed to be lasting, to stand up to various conditions including the weather. The marks may still be removable by grinding, or possibly with use of solvents on non- porous surfaces like metal.

How long will a marker/crayon last?

The shelf times among our products vary greatly, but they are all designed to last until the end of your project. The tips on our Paint Markers are easily replaceable if they become worn down or dry out, increasing the lifetime of every paint marker. They also come with air-tight caps, which will prevent the tips or paint stores from drying out and becoming unusable. These factors make for a marker that, with proper care will last a long time.

Our crayons are designed to last until they are completely used up. The paint stored within the crayon will not dry out from exposure to the air, and should last well beyond the time it takes to use them.

Our Carmel heat treatment markers and crayons are designed to fit your needs in any heat treatment application, and to last until you have finished your project. We hope that these or one of our other marking tools will help to complete your future projects, and we are always willing to help in your decision making process if you contact our devoted support team at: +1(514) 270-5377


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