Learn More About Our Permanent Water Based Paint Markers

Learn More About Our Permanent Water-Based Paint Markers

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Carmel's Water-Based Permanent Paint Markers are available in a variety of colours and can be used to mark multiple types of surfaces. Uses durable polyurethane paint for permanent vivid markings. Ideal for use where VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are a concern. VOCs may accumulate in the atmosphere, can be hazardous when inhaled and are potentially flammable or explosive. This product contains no VOCs, no solvents, is non-flammable & odourless. Ideal for indoor use, and in the presence of children or pets.


Our special formulation of water based, opaque acrylic paint is guaranteed non-toxic and contains no acids. It’s also odour-free, light-fast, Xylene-free, lead-free and waterproof when dry. Will mark permanently on a wide variety of your project’s clean surfaces and materials. In addition to this, our 7 bold and highly-visible colours are weather- and UV-resistant for excellent preservation of the indicatons you’ve made.

Features & Benefits

A Carmel favourite, and with innovation ahead of its time, our lines offer top-notch results with minimal environmental impact. It delivers long-lasting fade-resistant marks that are as permanent and tough as those made by any standard permanent marker. That spells durability and no headaches when it’s time to check on your material’s markings later on.

Carmel’s Paint Pens offer easily-distinguishable and vivid markings, always free of streaks and safe from outdoor elements. The main difference from conventional markers? Our special water based paint formula contains virtually no solvents or VOC emissions, meaning no odours and non-flammable. This eliminates your safety and environmental concerns.

7 vibrant colors for excellent mark identification, quality control, and parts inspection on clean surfaces.

Industry Uses

Extremely versatile in its application, these markers are currently used wherever minimizing odour and toxicity, and ecological concerns are a priority. General purpose industrial use to assist with quality control, colour coding and identification of components.

Automotive and other vehicle/ship manufacturing, auto dealerships, body shop estimators to map out repairs on vehicles. Industrial manufacturing. Metal fabrication. Welding. Shipping supply. Great for temporarily marking up windows and windshields. Great for designing signage, drawing up posters, on canvas, construction planning on concrete and stone.

Recommended Application and Surfaces

Mark on metal/steel/iron, rubber and tires, pipes and tubes, wood, glass, plastic, plaster, canvas and more. Excellent for signs exposed to the weather.

Marking tips range from 3/32” (2.38mm) to 3/16” (5mm) for total control between fine and bold line marking. For different marker/bottle and applicators types, choose from among Carmel’s 3 industry-leading lines:
Water-Based Paint Marker (with durable polyester bullet nibs, which can be replaced)
Water-Based Ballpoint Paint Marker (in a 2 oz. (59 mL) bottle that marks through a press-activated ball point tip)
Water-Based Pump Marker (in a 1.8 oz. (53 mL) bottle, featuring a pressurized pump system and a roller ball tip)

Opt for Carmel’s permanent water based paint markers for safe, reliable, and long-lasting results. Carmel’s markers come in a variety of colours, with friendly customer service and always at very competitive prices.

Need something a little different? A wealth of other products are available in our extensive product catalogue, for your various project needs.

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