Learn more about our lumber crayons

Learn More About Our Lumber Crayons

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The Carmel lumber crayon is designed for lumber, timber, and concrete. Please read our frequently asked questions section below to learn more about the many advantages to using our lumber crayons:

What makes the Pro series Lumber crayons unique?

Our Pro and Pro-Z crayons are high density clay-based crayons made by a high tech extrusion process. Whereas our economy version is simply a molded wax-based crayon similar to a child’s crayon but in a larger size. This material is removed as you mark, to provide an even and visible coat to your surface. Carmel Lumber & Timber Crayons are designed for marking on wet and dry wood, but can also be used to write on concrete.

Why use lumber crayons instead of normal crayons or markers?

Lumber crayons apply a solid layer of colored clay/wax to the surface instead of liquid ink or paint. This allows lumber crayons to work on a much wider range of materials. As these markers are solid, and do not make use of a felt or plastic tip to transfer paint or ink, they will not need to be replaced early due to wear on this material. This also means that our harder crayons work well on hard wood and rougher materials like concrete.

What are lumber crayons' most common uses?

Construction and carpentry experts will appreciate the caliber of our PRO Lumber Crayons. Also available are our Fluorescent scannable timber crayons which are read by UV [Ultraviolet] and GMR [Grade Mark Reader] scanning equipment.

What are the differences between the types of lumber crayons?
  • Standard: 4.5" economical molded wax-based crayon.
  • Pro: Our most popular version; High density clay-based crayons, designed for maximum strength and bonding to the material.
  • Pro-Z: The hardest lumber crayon for the hardest and roughest surfaces.
  • Jumbo Pro Lumber Crayon: 5.5" extruded wax-based crayon.
  • Fluorescent Lumber Crayon / Scannable Timber Crayon: Designed for use with GMR [grade mark readers] and UV [ultraviolet] scanning systems.
How long will a single crayon last?

Crayon lifetimes will vary based on use, size, and type. Rougher surfaces will cause increased wear to softer crayons, so our harder versions are recommended in these applications. Thicker marks from increased application pressure will accelerate the consumption of crayons. Our lumber crayons will not dry out like markers and will last more than long enough for their cheap cost and high utility.

Our Carmel lumber crayons are designed to fit your needs in many applications and to last until you use all of the clay inside them. These crayons are a great addition to any construction or carpentry marking toolkit. We hope that these or one of our other marking tools will work for your industry or project, and we are always willing to help recommend the proper writing instrument if you contact our dedicated support team at: +1(514)270-5377

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