Learn More About Our Solid Paint Markers

Learn More About Our Solid Paint Markers

The Carmel Solid Paint Marker is specially designed to fill your construction, manufacturing, and artistic marking needs on a wide variety of surfaces. It incorporates the resilience of quick-drying paint with the ease-of-use of a marker. If your project requires a new marking tool and you want to learn more about this innovative and multi-functional marking tool, continue to our Frequently Asked Questions that follow.

How do they work?

Solid Paint Markers are a semi solid paint marking stick that is contained in a twist up applicator (similar to lipstick). Having a similar tackiness to lipstick, this solidified paint marking stick is much softer than a crayon. The super adhesive marking stick glides easily on the surface to be marked. The crayon ejects and retracts by turning the twist-up knob. It’s air tight cap prevents the fresh paint from drying out, allowing it to last longer. This paint dries, leaving behind a durable, highly-visible line. The applicator also keeps hands, clothing, and toolboxes clean.

The deep cap fits in the base
  • Turn dial crayon - Advances and retracts paint-based crayons by the twist-up knob.
  • Special cap - The Cap can be fastened to the back of the marker and used to help turn the dial. Cap also has a pocket clip.
      • Deep cap - Eliminates need for retracting crayons after use. Cap affixes to the marker base during use and can be used to twist up the crayon.
      • The Cap fits in the base - Helps rotate the dial. This also prevents crayon residue within the cap from dirtying the marker.

          Why use Solid Paint Markers instead of ordinary markers?

          Carmel’s Solid Paint Markers makes smooth, fast and easy marks, getting the job done where felt tip and roller ball markers (used in most other types of markers) fail. The markers are solid sticks of paint protected by a hard plastic case. Carmel’s Paint Marker can be conveniently carried in your pocket. The plastic case not only prevents the paint from drying out, it also keeps whatever it touches clean. These markers work using real paint for permanent, bold lines and work great on all sorts of projects. As the applicators are filled with solidified paint, and do not use a felt tip to transfer the paint, they will not dry out or need to be replaced. Without a separate tip, it also means our markers work well on rough textures like concrete, cement, and asphalt. On these rough surfaces, the marking tips would simply wear out over time. The lack of a felt tip cuts down time, by eliminating the need for sharpening, priming, or replacing tips. When the paint gets used up, simply discard and replace it with a new one.

          With Carmel’s paint-based formula, marks made by our product are both weather and UV-resistant. This also translates into reliable performance on a wider variety of materials and in a broader temperature range than nearly any other marker available.

          What surfaces do Solid Paint Markers work on?

          Our product is scientifically engineered for superior performance on metal, wood, particle board, concrete, stone, plastic, PVC, rubber, glass, cardboard, canvas, terracotta, and others. Making use of real solidified paint, this super adhesive marking stick is ideal for use in almost any condition; even rough, oily, wet, dirty, rusty, hot or cold surfaces. This also sets them apart from the competition’s paint markers.

          What are Solid Paint Markers’ most common uses?

          Primarily used for commercial/industrial marking needs, such as working with steel, iron, lumber/timber, pipes/tubes, plastic, rubber, tires, concrete, stone, glass, and ceramic. Common applications are found in Welding, Construction, Metal Fabrication, Shipping Supply, Industrial Process Piping, and the Automotive-Aftermarket workplaces. They can also be used for arts and crafts by just about anyone, even outdoors and exposed to the elements.

          What surface temperatures are ideal for Solid Paint Markers?

          Carmel Solid Paint Markers perform excellent on surfaces with a temperature range between -50º and 150ºF (-46º and 66ºC). They are also both weather and UV-resistant.

          How long will a marker last?

          This can vary depending on type of use, and variety of marker. Rougher materials will consume paint more quickly, as each stroke fills pores and cracks on the surface. Thicker marks from applying heavier pressure will also reduce the useful life of a marker. Carmel’s product will not dry out like regular ink markers and offer a long life expectancy, given their affordable cost. The air-tight cap prevents drying, and cracking, as well as paint transferring when it’s not wanted. The durable plastic twist-up applicator also prevents breakage, and allows you to use every last bit of paint. Truly a durable and economical solution.

          What sizes and colours are available?

          Carmel’s Solid Paint Markers come in an impressive spectrum of 8 popular colours and 2 fluorescent colors.

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