China Marker

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China Marker.
  • Description

        • MULTI-PURPOSE - Great as a construction marker; arts & crafts; marking china, glass, and ceramics.
        • IDEAL FOR: poster board, plastic, metal, ceramics, stone, film, glass, laminated board, wood, garments, paper, shrinkwrap, vinyl, and more!
        • NO SHARPENING REQUIRED - Just peel off the paper wrapping from the grease wax pencil with the easy-to-use tear string.
        • GREASY PENCIL CORE (LEAD)- Glide smoothly on most surfaces.
        • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE - Box of 12.

    Product Description

    Also known as a China marker, this grease pencil consists of a greasy wax and clay core wrapped in paper. It is easily sharpened by tearing the string that surrounds it at the tip.

  • Additional Information


    Sharpen the pencil by pulling the string at the tip to peel off paper.


    Ideal for marking smooth surfaces including plastic, metal, ceramics and polished stone.


      • Pencil sizes: ¼” x 6 ¾” dia. (0.9 x 17 cm)
      • 12/box, 12 boxes/masterbox
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