Filled Pattern Wax
Filled Pattern Wax


Filled Pattern Wax

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Carmel Filled Pattern Wax represents the epitome of versatility in casting wax, featuring a filler content of 30% or more. Tailored for the most demanding technical components, this wax can be customized to meet your exact requirements, providing a wide range of applications. Filled wax prevents cavitation in heavy sections, improving stability for thin-walled patterns. Ensure process control through continuous agitation to prevent filler separation.

Filled Pattern Wax

A versatile casting wax, with a filler content exceeding 30%, suits the needs of technical components across various applications.


Achieve stability and precision in producing medium to large thin-walled patterns for aluminum and titanium castings, as well as patterns for IGT, Aerospace, and Commercial Markets.

Additional Beneftis

  • Exceptional dimensional pattern reproducibility
  • Enhanced part stability
  • Lower contraction rates
  • Superior surface finish