Fluorescent Scannable Chalk.


Fluorescent Scannable Chalk

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Packaging:Box of 72
FLUORESCENT SCANNABLE CHALK- Fluorescent lumber chalk is used to mark planks to be read by specialized scanning machines that sort lumber. The chalk is designed to work with scanners, chop saws, grade mark readers, and visual applications.
• APPLICATION - This chalk creates detectable fluorescent markings that specialized machines can scan. Ideal for use with GMR (grade mark readers) and UV scanning systems.
SURFACE USE - Fluorescent Scannable Chalk is for use on lumber.
 HIGH-QUALITY PIGMENT - This chalk creates the brightest and highest-intensity markings perfect for character recognition.
• PACKAGING - Box of 144 units. Chalk holder available.

Product Description
Carmel Fluorescent Scannable Chalk leaves scannable fluorescent markings detected by specialized lumber scanning machines such as wood sorting machines, chop saws, and grade mark readers.


• Chalk size: 1” x 4 ¾” dia. (2.5 x 12.05 cm) , 18 ¾ percent longer than 4-inch long chalk.
• Packaging: Box of 144 units