Foot Impression Wax - 25 Pairs

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  • Description

    • FOOT WAX - This is a specially designed wax for casting the foot's three-dimensional contours. 
    ORTHOPEDIC USE - Foot care professionals use the slipper casting technique, which uses this specialized wax to create a model of the foot for crafting custom foot orthoses. First, a negative cast is created using Carmel's foot impression casting wax. Then a positive mold is made for further correction or modification and fabrication of orthopedic shoes. 
    ACCURATE MODELING - The foot wax captures the anatomy and contours of the foot's plantar aspect while in a non-weight-bearing, full-weight-bearing, or semi-weight-bearing position.
    COLOR & PACKAGING - Comes in 50 units per case. Foot wax comes in Pink.

    Product Description
    Carmel's Foot Wax is designed to cast the foot's three-dimensional contours. Foot care professionals use this wax for crafting custom foot orthoses using the wax slipper casting technique. Wax slipper casting is one of the various techniques for capturing the foot's structure and positioning.

  • Specifications

    Melting point: 66°C (150.8°F)
     Size: 15” x 7.5” inches (38.5 x 19 cm)
    Color: Pink
     Packaging: 50 units per case

Foot Impression Wax

A specially designed wax for use in casting the three-dimensional contours of the foot. Used by foot care professionals for crafting custom foot orthoses. For use in the wax slipper casting technique.

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