Livestock Ear Tag Pen

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  • Description

        • DESIGNED FOR MARKING LIVESTOCK EAR TAGS. Creates durable weather-resistant markings.
        • EASY TO USE VALVE-ACTIVATED MARKER - Pressing on the nib opens a valve allowing ink to flow. 
        • SPECIALLY FORMULATED WEATHER RESISTANT INK designed to penetrate plastic ear tags - not recommended for other surface applications. Good for a variety of climates.
        • NIB SIZE: 3/16” dia. / 5 mm.

    Product Description

    This valve-activated marker applies specially formulated ink designed to strongly penetrate in plastic ear tags. Creates durable weather-resistant markings.

  • Additional Information


    Potential additional directions about pressing on the nib when the marker is standing up to release pressure

    Wipe surface clean with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

    Mark tag indoors in a well-ventilated area

    Press down on the tip to apply ink to the tag

    Surface Uses

    The livestock ear tag pen is specifically designed for use on plastic livestock ear tags. It is not recommended for other surface applications.


      • Penetrates into livestock ear tags
      • Weather resistant ink
      • Valve-activated
      • Applies clear, bold markings
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