Montan Wax.


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Also known as lignite wax or OP wax, montan wax is a natural wax derived by solvent extraction of lignites (a type of sedimentary rock). Due to its desirable physical and chemical properties, montan wax is often an ideal substitute for carnauba wax. 

Montan wax is brown-black solid, non-toxic, tasteless, and has a high melting point. It has good gloss and chemical stability, can be dissolved in many kinds of organic solvents, and is easily saponified and emulsified.

Montan Wax.

Montan wax

Ideal for use in shoe polish, floor wax, and car wax.

Montan Wax.

Cheaper substitute for carnauba wax

Ideal additive to carbon paper.

Montan Wax.

Contains much higher levels of aliphatic acid

Great choice for coating electric cables.