Orthodontic Wax Bars

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  • Description

    • IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF - Apply Carmel Ortho Wax Bars directly onto braces / teeth to relieve pain and irritation caused by braces rubbing against the soft tissue of the mouth.
    • SAFE TO USE - Made from a specialized wax formulation. Silicone and latex free. Bleach and peroxide free - will not oxidize braces and dental appliances. 
    • EASY APPLICATION - To apply the strip, peel off the backing and apply over braces. One size fits all.
    • 24 HOUR PROTECTION - Strongly adheres to braces for all-day protection. Sleep, eat and drink while enjoying full protection and pain relief.
    • PLIABLE RELIEF - Made from a durable and flexible material. Resists heat - ideal for hot climates.

    Product Description
    Braces can cause painful irritation as they rub on the inside of your mouth.  Carmel Ortho Wax Bars apply quickly and easily, forming a protective layer between your mouth's soft tissues and braces.  They will allow you to sleep, eat and drink while enjoying 24 hour maximum protection against harsh metal braces. They relieve pain immediately and will provide a new level of comfort for dental brace wearers.

    Size of four bars: 3.5” L x 1 1/16” W x 3/16” H (89mm L x 27mm W x 4.8mm H)
    Size single bar: 3.5” L x 1/4” W x 3/16” H (89mm L x 6.4mm W x 4.8mm H)