Ozokerite Wax


Ozokerite Wax

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• OZOKERITE WAX - This is a mineral wax derived from sandstone veins and used in the cosmetic industry for lipsticks, foundation sticks, and other skincare products that require a natural wax suitable for the skin. 
APPLICATIONS - Ozokerite is compatible with natural, mineral, and synthetic raw materials, making it perfect for cosmetics and personal care products, crayons, coatings, candles, industrial, fruit and vegetable coatings, and inks.
TEXTURE ENHANCER - This mineral wax is used in cosmetics to add firmness to lipsticks and stick foundations to keep them blended.
• MELTING POINT - 73-76°C (164-169°F). 
• PACKAGING - 1 lb and 5 lbs bags.

Product Description
Carmel Ozokerite Wax is a mineral-based wax compatible with most vegetable and mineral waxes and vegetable oils, mineral oils, and petrolatums. This wax is excellent for cosmetic products like lipstick and foundation, as it improves the strength of the stick structure and keeps the product durable for the application. Due to its higher melting temperature, Ozokerite is also used to manufacture leather polishes, electrical insulators, carbon paper, and candles.

• Packaging: 1 lb and 5 lbs bags
• Wax comes in bead form
• Melting point: 73-76°C (164-169°F)