Pattern Wax (Unfilled)


Pattern Wax (Unfilled)

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Our Unfilled Pattern Wax, is a fusion of intricate wax and resin compounds crafted to overcome casting challenges such as cavities. Beyond its impressive performance, our product stands out for sustainability—unfilled wax materials, once moisture is meticulously removed, become highly recyclable. Enhancing your creative projects, our Unfilled Pattern Wax features a unique combination of low melting points, ensuring ease of use in various applications, along with outstanding toughness and flexibility. Discover the seamless integration of craftsmanship and sustainability for your artistic endeavors.

Pattern Wax (Unfilled)

Crafted from intricate wax and resin compounds, these materials can lead to cavity formation in solid sections. Employing chills can effectively address this issue. Unfilled wax substances are readily recyclable once moisture is eliminated. Attain unparalleled precision with our Unfilled Pattern Wax.


Our Pattern Wax's low viscosity facilitates thorough die filling, yielding well-defined patterns. This feature is particularly valuable for intricate decorative casting where precision is paramount.

Tough & Flexible

Our wax is both durable and flexible, preventing breakage and chipping during handling and enabling efficient dewaxing. Its robust mechanical properties ensure outstanding performance, safeguarding the integrity of wax patterns.