Presentation Wax

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  • Description

     DENTAL LABORATORY CARVING WAX - Used in the fabrication of crowns and bridges. This product is also used to craft temporaries. 
    OPAQUE WAX - Presentation wax smooths out imperfections and improves the look of dental prosthetics.
    PACKAGING - 2.46 oz. (70 g) tins.
    COLOR - White.

    Product Description
    Carmel Presentation Wax is a white enamel-like dental lab wax that makes a more aesthetic case presentation. Its hardness assures accessible carving properties, and additions can be made with perfect blending. Its opacity is sufficient to hide colored die stones even with thin laminate veneer wax ups.

  • Specifications

     Shape: Small beads
     Packaging: 9 oz. (255 g) and 18 oz. (510 g) bottles