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  • Description

      • REFILLABLE EMPTY MARKER of various types available, including the wide tip and fine tip Valve-activated markers, and the Pump and Bottle roller ball paint markers.

      • MULTI-SURFACE - When filled with refill paint is great for arts & crafts, customizing phone cases, shoes, tires, writing on plaster, cardboard, canvas and anything else you can think of! Ideal for applying paint to smooth, non-porous surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, pottery, ceramic, vinyl, rubber, smooth stone & laminated wood.

      • GREAT FOR INDOOR USE - When filled with Carmel water-based acrylic paint, which is solvent and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free.

      • EASY-TO-USE - When filled: for Valve-activated paint marker simply push down on the tip to apply paint to your surface. For Pump Marker, control paint flow with rubber ball at the base of the marker. For bottle marker, squeeze bottle while pressing down on surface.

    For use with Carmel water based acrylic paint marker refill. Paint sold separately.


    1 SET OF WIDE TIP PAINT MARKER COMPONENTS - Tip size: 3/8” x 5/8” / 10 x 15 mm - For bold, thick lines.

    1 SET OF FINE TIP PAINT MARKER COMPONENTS - Tip size: 3/32” / 2.38 mm bullet shape. For sharp, fine lines.


    1 SET OF COMPONENTS FOR PUMP BALLPOINT PAINT MARKER - 1.8 oz. (53ml) marker. Durable metal rollerball marking tip. This jumbo size roller ball marker features a pressable rubber ball at its base to control paint flow. 

    1 SET OF COMPONENTS FOR BOTTLE BALLPOINT PAINT MARKER - 2 oz (59 ml). Durable metal rollerball marking tip.


  • Additional Information


    Shake well. 

    Valve-activated paint markers (wide / fine tip):

    Press down on the surface until paint flows over the tip. 

    Begin marking.

    Pump roller ball marker:

    Prime pump (rubber ball) at the base of the marker and press ball-point tip down on the surface.

    Begin marking.

    Bottle roller ball marker:

    Squeeze the bottle while pressing the marker's ball-point tip down on the surface.

    Begin marking.


    Surface Uses 

    Once filled, best used on smooth, flat materials such as:

        • Paper, cardboard & canvas
        • Metal
        • Plastic
        • Glass
        • Ceramics
        • Wood
        • Smooth stone
        • Fabric

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