Sticky Wax (Adhesive Wax)


Sticky Wax (Adhesive Wax)

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Elevate your sprue/pattern assembly with Carmel Sticky Wax, designed to simplify the process with low odor, strong adhesion, and customizable setup times. Whether adhering wax to wax or ceramic to wax, our carefully crafted formulations ensure a precise fit, making it an excellent choice for tasks such as securing pouring cups and rings. Experience efficiency and precision in your assembly tasks.


Our wax simplifies sprue/pattern assembly with minimal odor, strong adhesion, and customizable setting times.


Our Wax is able to bond patterns to runner/sprue systems in the wax assembly process. For Sprue/Pattern assembly, it has a strong adhesion for sprue/pattern trees in the shell forming process.


This Sticky Wax can be used for wax-to-wax bonding, securely attaching wax components. It can also be used for ceramic to wax bonding, which is ideal for pouring cups and rings.