Learn More About Our Bleed-Thru Paint Markers

Learn More About Our Bleed-Thru Paint Markers

“Marks covered by oil or water based paint will seep through to the surface”

This industrial-grade highly specialized line of Bleed-Thru Paint Marker by Carmel is designed primarily for metal surfaces. This revolutionary paint marker (also available in crayon form) is used to make durable marks that seep through to the surface, even when covered by oil- or water-based paints. Ideal applications include structural steel fabrication (to ensure consistent, accurate layouts) as well as construction and tool & die manufacturing. 

Recommended Use

The recommended and most common application of the Carmel Bleed-Thru Paint Marker is on bare steel, prior to applying the primer or topcoat. When this topcoat dries, the marks will bleed through and become visible through the paint.

Before using the Carmel Bleed-Thru Paint Marker, prepare by shaking to mix the paint in its barrel. To moisten the tip for use, activate our signature Valve Technology by pressing down on the nib. This opens the valve and allows paint to flow down. When all the paint on the nib has been used, just re-activate the valve to moisten the nib once again. With this valve-controlled assembly, there is always enough paint available when you need it and provides long storage life.

Best Surfaces

Usually used on metals, however, will also work on plastics, windshields, glass, ceramics, laminated and many other non-porous surfaces.

Writing Nibs

Brandishing a tough Hard Acrylic Bullet Nib with 3/16” (5mm) diameter, the Carmel Bleed-Thru Paint Marker is the ideal solution when identifying parts for assembly, or marking components for future reference. Capable of producing fine and bold lines perfect for fabrication processes, this durable nib provides any size lines for precise laying out markings and accurate positioning points. Great for cutting, bending, drilling and assembling in many industries.

When you’ve given it all it can take, these nibs are easily and affordably replaceable.


With a nice selection of vibrant colours (choose from yellow, red, blue or black), the Carmel Bleed-Thru Paint Marker provides high contrast markings on a multitude of work materials, and offers practical use on an infinite range of projects.
Marker Size: ½” x 6” (1.3 x 15.2 cm)
Temperature range for application: –50º to 150ºF (-46º to 66ºC)
Valve Technology: Pressing the nib opens the valve, allowing paint to flow through and prevents drying
Replaceable Nibs: Hard Acrylic Bullet Nib with a 3/16” (5mm) diameter

Remember, the Carmel Seep-Through Paint Marker is used to make marks that will seep through to the surface if covered by oil based paint, where marks are required to seep through a covering primer or topcoat.


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